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Friday: A personal reflection Marcus Mims


In my early school years, the classes I liked the most were usually the ones that allowed me to do some sort of visual art. Art helped me conceptualize whatever I was learning. Expressing it through form, lines, and color always helped me understand and remember things better.  At the beginning it was about me controlling whatever medium I was using - pencil, paint, charcoal, metal, or pottery.  Later I learned that art doesn't have an "I" in it. Art shouldn't be just about how you see things, but that you are a part of a larger community, respectfully considering the audience, as well as, its meaning.

One particular day I began to grasp this concept on a deeper level during a drawing class exercise. With easels surrounding a small table baring a still life of pottery and what-not, the class was given five minutes to draw what they saw. When instructed, everyone passed their drawings to the person on their right giving each person two minutes to draw what they saw. This continued till everyone had time with your initial work of art. By the time it returned to you it had changed completely and was not what you had originally envisioned.

My initial reaction was feelings of anger that the other students had messed up my drawing. After thinking about it for a moment I begin to see a more important life lesson learned – that I was not alone! That as an artist I had a responsibility to the greater community. I was not alone in searching for life's meaning. My peers were also apart of this journey.  That day I learned my value did not come just in honing my craft, but in using it in relationship to those I found myself, inspiring others to think, grow, and celebrate this shared life. That day I praised God and thanked Him that I would never be alone!

Take a moment to think about experiences of worship you have had (weekly or daily) when all you could say was, "Thank you, God."

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