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Week Three

Discipline of Celebration by Keith Matthews


Dallas Willard comments that the discipline of celebration is "one of the most important disciplines of engagement, yet most overlooked and misunderstood. We engage in celebration when we enjoy ourselves, our life, our world, in conjunction with our faith and confidence in God's greatness, beauty and goodness."


We remember the gift of our life and world, and seek to celebrate God's gracious action towards us and others.  While this discipline might begin in private reflection, it typically involves others who know God and mutually celebrate with us. It involves eating and drinking, singing and dancing, and sharing of stories of God's action in our lives. Celebration recognizes that there is an appropriate and much needed time for this to be engaged in our lives. Many Christians find this hard to do, perhaps because it may seem self-indulgent, yet it IS important and necessary in our life with God. Let's celebrate!