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Monday: What can I do?


A key component for practicing celebration is remembering . . .


• To cultivate "remembering" one must take time to slow down. Ponder your life, not what is wrong, but what is right. Where have you seen God at work in you, in your family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers, not just the big things, but little in-breakings of God's grace? And celebrate!


• As you consciously slow down, go on a walk or hike, perhaps at a park, through your neighborhood, or a local walking trail. Reflect on God's creation, its variety, its beauty, its intricacy, its wonder. And celebrate!


• Plan a dinner with a few close friends... go all out! Good food, conversation, and have some fun. Celebrate God's goodness through mutual love and support. Share what they mean in your life (be specific). And celebrate!


• Share a family "communion" experience... bread, wine (or grape juice). Remind everyone that "this is a celebration meal"... Jesus's presence will never leave us! And celebrate!