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Wednesday: What do our guides say?


Dallas Willard states, "Certainly this will seem far too hedonistic to many of us. But we dishonor God as much by fearing and avoiding pleasure as we do by dependence upon it or living for it. Celebration heartily done makes our deprivations and sorrows seem small, and we find in it great strength to do the will of our God because his goodness becomes so real to us." (Dallas Willard, The Spirit of the Disciplines, p.180-181)


Richard Foster says, "Celebration is central to all the Spiritual Disciplines. Without a joyful spirit of festivity the Disciplines become dull... celebration brings joy into life, and joy makes us strong... God's normal means of bringing his joy is by redeeming and sanctifying the ordinary junctures of human life." (Richard J. Foster, Celebration of Discipline, pp.191, 193)


Reflect deeply on the insights from these two wise mentors. There is much for us to pray, seek, and to act upon in these words. You might want to write down how these words are speaking to you in a few simple paragraphs.