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Week Four

Discipline of Service By Kathy Nycklemoe

Do we really need each other? And if we do, why? Can't I live my solitary life, with my individual rights as most important? Today our consumer culture encourages such thinking, and puts the "self' in the center. We can easily see others as worthy if they are like us and benefit us, and less than worthy if they do not. Yet this thinking is a deceptive illusion. God is in the center of all life and all people are of shared value and worth. Jesus showed us that truth many times, and in the divine design of God we are created to see others as worthy AND to simply help one another along the way.

God has created us to be in community and we are most "alive" when we live into this reality in humble service to one another. True service is alive when we share our gifts with joy, as well as when we allow others to share their gifts with us. True service leads to God and not to self. True service is much more than something we do - it is who we are created to be. It is more than an activity, it is a way of life. Any time we love, listen to, or lift up others, we serve. "True service is a life-style. It acts from ingrained patterns of living. It springs spontaneously to meet human need." (Richard J. Foster, Celebration of Discipline, p. 129)

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