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Monday: What can I do?


We can create space to listen. There are many robust practices of community, but one of the most powerful acts is sharing and listening to our stories. Story listening is truly an act of participation. We are changed when we receive another person's life story and begin to weave it together with our own.

• This week, you are invited to join with two or three other youth for a story listening session.  Include a person you know fairly well and one or two you do not know well. This can happen on Wednesday in your church small group or outside of that routine. Explain that you want to come together to share your life stories with each other. When you are together, give each person 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted time to share their story in whatever way they choose, while the rest of you are simply free to listen with no pressure to respond or outdo the storyteller. When the storyteller is done, feel free to ask questions and explore the story for a bit before affirming the ways that you see God working in that person's life and in their story. If there is not enough time for everyone in the group to share, you might let two people share their stories each night. (Imagine about 40-45 minutes of sharing each time you're together.)

• After the experience, reflect on what happened that evening. Where did you sense God in your midst? How was God made you closer to these other people as you received their stories and offered them yours? How would our lives and our communities be different if they were marked by this kind of sharing with each other?

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