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Holy Week

We enter the holiest week of the Christian year. Throughout this week, we will read continuously from Matthew's version of the Last Supper, the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of our Lord. The temptation in reading any familiar story is to gloss over it quickly. We've heard it all before. Thus, we miss the opportunity to immerse ourselves in this grand narrative of tragedy and triumph, human sinfulness and Jesus's faithfulness, paralyzing fear and sacrificial love, bitter death and sweet resurrection to new life.


Each day, read the text slowly one time, then again, and even a third time if possible. Allow the story to move from your head to your heart. Note what words strike you, what characters resemble you or repulse you, and what Jesus endured for you. God's story is your story.


Holy Week Readings:

Monday: Matthew 26:1-29

Tuesday: Matthew 26:30-46

Wednesday: Matthew 26:47-75

Thursday: Matthew 27:1-31

Friday: Matthew 27:32-66

After each reading, ask yourself:

What does this story tell us about the God revealed in Jesus?

What does this story tell us about humanity?

What prayer would you offer to God this day? What prayers would you offer for others, for our world?

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